MCSC Consulting

Sub-optimal balance sheets breed sub-optimal performance.
Optimising a balance sheet is a combination of understanding the business objectives, locating lazy or inefficiently utilised capital and deploying it effectively and efficiently.
Getting this right - especially in the presence of various regulatory capital regimes - can be the difference a good business and a great business.

SAM has entrenched many great things into the insurance industry. Navigating the complexity of it all is no mean feat though.
SCRs, ORSAs, GOIs and FSIs, LAoDTs - don't let these derail your focus. Ensure that your business aligns with SAM and enable optimal extraction of value from the regime.

Product development is more than having a good idea. Design, modeling, marketing, TCF, EAC, RDR, administration, broker training...
Whether its tax efficient products, micro-insurance policies, pre- or post-retirement savings, compulsory or discretionary money, one bad step in the development process can delay your launch or lead to serious problems down the line.
Make sure that the process is comprehensive, thorough and draws on experience. Your clients won't be the only ones that benefit.

"All models are wrong but some are useful" - George Box
No model can predict the future, but a good model will help capture and explain the potential risks and rewards that the future may bring.
Make sure that your models are thorough, rigorously tested and that they all speak the same language. This is key to giving you the right view of your business.

The quickest route to becoming an irrelevant market participant is by falling behind the technological curve.
It's not always about building it all yourself. Sometimes it is about finding the right partners, speaking the same language and thinking (yes) creatively.
Building businesses and operations is not as simple as plugging systems together like children's building blocks. Understanding how your core competencies interact with the technological and software landscape puts you in a position to scale your systems at the right time, in the right way, with the right people.